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sawyer vlam kayak paddle



Werner Kalliste


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Werner Kalliste [

[kuh - list - uh]

Greek, meaning the "best", which describes its feeling on the water.

The Kalliste is Werner's most advanced low-angle paddle, with their best paddling design and construction features. The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blades creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes. The smooth back face gives a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The Kalliste is the smart choice for those touring with a low-angle style of paddling and wanting the conservative yet powerful feel of a mid-sized blade. Adjustable ferrule system allows you to feather the paddle from 0-75degrees in 15degree increments. Weighs 23.25oz

Blade surface area: 643cm2

Blade dimensions: 52cm x 16.5cm

Blade Length: 230 cm

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werner camano kayak paddle

Werner Camano


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Werner Camano
Carbon Fiberglass blend, creates a durable light weight paddle at a very reasonable price. Adjustable ferrule system allows you to feather the paddle from 0-75degrees in 15degree increments.  The asymmetrical blade design reduces torque, allowing for a lighter grip and reduced fatigue. The strong dihedral face reduces flutter, making for smoother forward paddle strokes. 220cm paddle weighs 27.25oz

Currently Out of Inventory .


werner skagit kayak paddle



Werner Skagit

Details & Buy

Werner Skagit
Excellent value! Carbon/fiberglass shaft offers excellent durability and comfort.  Injection molded, fiberglass reinforced nylon blades are lighter than plastic.  Adjustable ferrule system allows you to feather the blade from  0-75degrees in 15degree increments. 220cm paddle weighs 34oz.

Currently Out of Inventory

sawyer v-lam sea feather kayak paddle

Sawyer "V-Lam Sea Feather"


Details & Buy
Sawyer "V-Lam Sea Feather"

This new generation of Sawyer’s Cedar Sea Feather combines laminated cedar with graphite for an overall weight of 27 oz! A graphite shaft with fully adjustable Cam Lock Ferrule allows for customized blade angle adjustment and up to 10 cm of length expansion.
Shaft: 1-1/8" x 1-1/8" round
Blade: 4-1/2" x 23" asymmetric, glass reinforced spoon.
Ferrule: Fully adjustable.
Avg. Wt: 27 oz.

Sawyer "V-Lam Sea Feather"

Currently out of stock  


sawyer v-lam orca leightweight kayak paddle

Sawyer "V-Lam Orca"


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Sawyer "V-Lam Orca"
This is the latest addition to Sawyer’s V-Lam series of paddles. The Cedar Orca combines laminated cedar with graphite for an overall weight of 26 oz! A graphite shaft with fully adjustable Cam Lock Ferrule allows for customized blade angle adjustment and up to 10 cm of length expansion.
Available in 220-230, 230-240cm
Shaft: 1-1/8" x 1-1/8" round
Blade:6-1/2" x 18" asymmetric, glass reinforced spoon.
Ferrule: Fully adjustable.
Avg. Wt: 26 oz.

Sawyer "V-Lam Orca"


Currently out of stock

greenland kayak paddle

NorthPoint Greenland Paddle

Details & Buy

NorthPoint Greenland Paddle
NorthPoint Greenland-style kayak paddles are individually handcrafted (in Bellingham, WA) and fully laminated, using various shades of Western Red Cedar. They are topped off with unique, wrap-around hardwood tips, and come with or without hardwood edges. Each paddle is given one coat of water sealer, followed by six coats of a smooth, hand-rubbed teak oil finish. They are surprisingly lightweight, but strong, beautiful and fully functional. Greenland-style kayak paddles are known to put less of a strain on your shoulders and elbows, allowing you to paddle longer with less fatigue. We stock popular sizes and can place custom orders at no extra charge. For custom orders allow 4-6 weeks and please call to place your order: 360-385-6143

Click Here to See the Two Models.

Click Here to See More Photos and Read More on Sizing.


7-layers of various shades of Western Red Cedar with wrap-around hardwood tips made of Cherry (no hardwood edges)$259.00 Currently Out of Inventory


9-layers of various shades of Western Red Cedar with wrap-around hardwood tips made of Ash, plus hardwood edges made of Ash

$329 Currently Out of Inventory

Gearlab Kalleq Greenland Paddle


Details & Buy

Gearlab's flagship paddle. The Kalleq offers kayakers the ultimate touring experience. It is the lightest and strongest paddle in Gearlab's line,thanks to its revolutionary engineering, brilliant design, premium materials, and seamless carbon fiber construction.

Meticulously engineered, the Kalleq edge measures 1.1 mm at its thinnest point. The smoothness of this edge guarantees complete comfort while the paddle slices the water with unparalleled efficiency.

A 220mm blade is constructed with 750 grams of seamless carbon fiber to ensure the most comfortable, streamlined and durable paddling experience

Gearlab’s signature ProTek tip design bolsters the ends of the paddle with an easily replaceable tip made from a durable polyamide material. This provides confidence in rocky or shallow waters, and the option to customize a paddle with colored tips. (an additional set of red color tips are included).

Exclusive carbon fiber weave is reinforced with threads that make it virtually impossible to tear.

Available only on the Kalleq, this Ripstop weaves adds a chic style to the paddle.

Currently out of stock  




gearlab nutilik

Gearlab Akiak Shouldered Greenland Paddle



Details & Buy

Carbon Fiber Take-Apart Paddle

Click above image for a larger image. The first modern Greenland paddle with exchangeable tips. Inspired by the Inuit traditional technique of strengthening paddle tips with bone, walrus ivory, and harder wood, Akiak shouldered (formerly called Nukilik) integrates durable polyamide tips with a full carbon fiber paddle. The tip and paddle forms a continual and gapless contour to provide smooth paddling strokes. Sharp paddle blade edges provide crisp and precise paddling

  • Shouldered grip area design provides comfort and reduces strain
    • GEARLAB®'s exclusive ratio of carbon blend with fiber glass provides perfect rigidity and flex
    • 2-piece design breaks down quickly for easy transportation and storage
    • Carbon fiber button clip never rusts
    • Each paddle includes an additional set of black color paddle tips.
    • For more photos of the paddles click here.

    Weighs 29 ounces (±1 ounce)

  Currently out of stock  




gearlab paddle sack

Gearlab Paddle Sack




Details & Buy

Click above image for larger photo of entire bag. Gearlab Paddle sack makes carrying and storing the takeapart greenland paddles easy. It accommodates Gearlab paddles of different lengths (maximum length capacity of 137 cm broken down). The internal blade divider prevents damage to your paddles from rubbing or banging against one another. The sandwiched foam on the bottom of the bag protects paddle blades from rubs and bumps in transit. The mesh provides ventilation for air-drying paddles. Includes an adjustable shoulder sling and center carry handle to make carrying easy. Roll top closure seals the bag.

Material: 600D polyester fabric with spray-proof coating.


Currently Sold Out





Greenland Paddle Bag

by Northwest Board Bags



Details & Buy

Protect your investment with this high quality paddle bag. Hand built in Port Townsend, Wa.

Made from hand-waxed canvas and linen with an inner nylon lining sandwiching a layer of felt made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, adding the padding needed to protect your paddle. Will fit most one peice Greenland paddles up to 90" length with up to 4" blade width.

Colors: Misc


Currently out of stock





Sawyer Voyager Canoe Paddle


Details & Buy

Voyager Canoe Paddle

The Sawyer Voyager Canoe Paddle is a pleasure to behold, and if you get your hands on one, you'll feel the water as never before. Simply the finest paddling blade crafted of laminated Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. The blade is reinforced with fiberglass and trimmed in our Dynel ToughEdge, an impact and abrasion protection usually reserved for extreme whitewater blades. Molded palm grip is reinforced with Ash. A prime companion for all your wilderness adventures.


Sawyer Voyager Canoe Paddle

Currently Out of Inventory

Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle


Details & Buy

The Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle is a high value recreational paddle and paddles well beyond its modest price. Features a smooth, comfortable pear grip, an indexed oval shaft, and a molded blade that feathers cleanly through the water. A handsome, all wood paddle that fits into any paddler's budget.


  • Wood canoe paddle
  • Tapered oval Douglas fir shaft
  • Molded, laminated Ponderosa Pine-Walnut-Ash blade
  • Rock Shield blade tip
  • Pear grip


  • Available lengths: 54" & 56"
  • Blade dimensions: 7" W x 20" L
  • Average paddle weight: 29 oz


Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle

Currently Out of Inventory
















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