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pinguino 150 Pro

NEW! Pinguino 150 Pro


15' LENGTH | 23.7" BEAM | 11.5" DEPTH | 35 LB

Pinguino 150 Wood Kayak Kit

Pinguino 150 crossover kayak kit

Kit Price: $1229

Cockpit Opening:

Select Resin/Hardener:


Boat shown with optional bulkhead and hatch kit.

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Pinguino 150 Pro: Our Most Popular Kayak!

A New Innovation In Kayak Design for Superior Paddling Ergonomics
Two years ago this became the first kayak in 8 years to outsell the Pinguino 145. Paddlers have loved the stability and ease of paddling the Pinguino 145 and the Pinguino 145-4PD. People who have chosen the 145 and 145-4PD are generally interested in day trips on mellow water, but increasingly we’ve heard from folks who want a stable, more ergonomic kayak for fitness paddling or light touring. For these folks, who want the stability of a recreational kayak with the spirit of a touring kayak, we’ve created the new Pinguino 150 Pro. With a 23.7” beam it has the stability and roomy comfort of a recreational kayak but its new patented deck cutouts makes it feel like you’re paddling a 22” touring kayak. At 15’, its length is a crossover between a recreational and a touring kayak, giving it the perfect balance of top end speed and hull efficiency, hull efficiency and paddle ergonomics.The Pinguino 150 Pro is great for all-around recreational use as well as fitness paddling or light touring. 

Innovative New Deck Design: Starting with our new Pinguino Pro, we have cutaway the sheer line to allow a kayaker to take a significantly closer paddle stroke. You get the same length, wetted surface and initial stability of a 15’x24” kayak, but with over 3 inches of sheer line width cutaway at the widest part of the boat (which is also the center of your paddle stroke), it feels like you’re paddling a much narrower kayak. You get significantly better paddling ergonomics at the cost of a small sacrifice in secondary stability. No more banging your knuckles on the sheer or having to reach out over the sides of a wider, more stable boat. The new cutouts are both ergonomic and beautiful.


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Pinguino 150 Pro Specs:
Length…… 15'
Beam……. 23.7”
Height…… 11.5”
Weight…… 34 lbs.
Cockpit……15.8”x33” or 17"x33"
*Initial stability……11.7
Carrying capacity (……11.8
**Efficient Cruising Wetted Surface in sq. ft.……17.4
Loaded waterline length……13'
***Top cruising speed……5.11 mph
Available as kit……yes
Available as plans……no

*The transverse Metacenter, in inches, is a measure of a kayak's initial stability. A higher number is more stable. All single kayaks computed with same weight person.
**Efficient cruising is a function of low frictional drag and low wetted surface. Lower WS means faster (less effort) cruising speeds, here expressed in sq. ft.

***90% of theoretical hull speed (THS) in mph. A boat's theoretical hull speed is a function of square root of its loaded waterline length (LWL). at approximately 80% to 90% of its hull speed a kayak will start to produce a bow wake longer than its LWL and the effort required to continue acceleration rapidly increases




Pinguino 150 Pro Features:
Hull type… Multi-chine
Deck type… Features a new patented cutaway sheer line
Best used for… Day paddling, Kayak touring, Lake paddling, Photography, Kayak fishing,
Paddler experience level… Beginner to advanced
Shoe size…Up to men’s 12 (depending on shoe and personal comfort)
Cockpit size…15.8”x33" (also available with a standard touring cockpit opening of 17"x33")


Inside your Pygmy kit:

  • Precision pre-cut BS-1088 Okoume plywood panels (all 4mm)
  • Cockpit coamings
  • 2.25 gallons epoxy*

  • 38 feet of 6 oz fiberglass cloth

  • Fiberglass tape
  • Wire
  • Squeegee
  • Dental syringes
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Wood flour
  • Calibrated Pumps
  • Stirring sticks
  • Steel push pins
  • Temporary frames
  • 2-part seat
  • 1 Seat back adjustment kit
  • Keeper's® footbraces
  • Illustrated construction manual



* We usually ship "Medium" hardener with our kits (good for temperatures ranging from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit).  You may order "Slow" for hot climates (75-95 degrees Fahrenheit) or "Fast" for cold climates (35-55 degrees Fahrenheit) upon request. Read the System Three Epoxy Book to help select the appropriate epoxy and hardener for you. If you would like a copy of the Epoxy Book, click here to download. We also stock System Three’s Silver Tip Epoxy and offer this as an option in our boat kits for an additional charge.  For Silvertip epoxy the slow hardener is good for temperatures warmer than 65 and the fast is best for temperatures cooler than 65. Note: Silver Tip Resin can only ship via Ground Service and is not eligible for shipments to Alaska.


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